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My Journey to Writing

I honestly never thought I could be a writer.

I spent so many years working with people with such immense talent that it never occurred to me.

So, I led creative teams.

And I had a lot of success.

But I never found true joy in my work.

Over the years, as I wrote more and more ( we're out of time, maybe I can polish this, or we don't have any more money for the writer, but we need to make some changes ), and people responded well to my words.

I still didn't believe I could do it.

It wasn't until just before the pandemic that I said enough.

I'd just left another job and was burnt out and frustrated. I couldn't imagine taking another role running marketing for someone.

So I started writing.

I posted some things on Medium. I wrote a bunch of blog posts. I started making long-form comments on LinkedIn and Twitter.

And people responded.

They liked my thinking, but more importantly, people told me they liked how I crafted sentences and expressed ideas.

From that, I started getting people asking if I could write copy for their website or their products.

One led to two, two to four.

And it took off from there.

The money this work brought in made it possible, but the joy I got from sitting in front of a keyboard and working on words brought me intense pleasure.

Copywriting is like a puzzle, and I love figuring out how to make the pieces work to make actions occur.

So that's what I do.

I'm a writer.